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Column's best wishes to T.G. SHEPPARD for a speedy recovery following the singer's knee replacement surgery.


To the best of my knowledge, my fellow Creative Community for Peace member SCOOTER BRAUN and I continue to be the lone voices of the Music Row community (famous for bestowing "humanitarian awards" upon those who lend their names to charitable fundraisers so long as they get the credit) speaking out about Hamas' war crimes.

"No known connection," as PAUL HARVEY used to say, but after soliciting panel submission proposals for consideration in advance of its AMERICANAFEST 2024, the Americana Music Association, as is its right, has chosen to exclude a panel pitch titled "'Jew Hatred' a/k/a Antisemitism, Music Row and America's last 'Acceptable' Form of Discrimination" from its series of panel discussion.

A panel pitch submitted the previous year (based on what would have been an industry assessment in the aftermath of the monumental and unprecedented dissolution of KIRT WEBSTER PR) for the 2023 Americana Fest roundtable also failed to make the cut. (By contrast, the AMA reports its 2023 submissions that made the cut are now available to its members for streaming.)

The unsigned 2024 proposal rejection indicated "although we regret we are not able to offer you a panel opportunity, we want you to know how much we appreciate your interest in AMERICANAFEST and your participation in our community."



MILEY CYRUS, "cover girl" for W magazine's 2024 summer issue, whose Cowboy Carter duet with BEYONCÉ is Cyrus 13th Top Ten Billboard Hot 100 hit, is especially touched by a fax that her godmother (famous for faxing in the age of texting) DOLLY PARTON sent her "two Mother's Days ago."   Miley calls Dolly's faxing "100 percent part of my 9 to 5 fantasy.

"No one else faxes.  I literally have to access my lawyer's office, because my lawyer is the only person who can still receive a fax."

Cyrus adds "Last Christmas [Parton] gave me a whole mannequin, done in her proportions and wearing her outfit.  It's so major."


Charity Navigator's updated ratings reveal that the charitable giving watchdog is unable to evaluate the Country Music Association's use of its donors' contributions using Charity Navigator's four-category methodology, because the CMA is "not a 501(c)(3) IRS registered nonprofit."  
(In other news you're reading here first, the CMA and the Metropolitan Government of Nashville Davidson County are defendants in a damage/tort lawsuit filed in Davidson County Circuit Court by MARIANNE PETERS and TIMOTHY PETERS.)

While Leadership Music receives three out of four stars from Charity Navigator, the fourth star is apparently withheld from the "mean girls" organization for its failure to disclose its conflict-of-interest and whistleblowers policies, if any, to the Internal Revenue Service.


... to ASHLEY NATARENO for extending an invitation to RICH RUTH's Water Still Flows album release party June 22, 2024 at The Blue Room
.... and to ROMI BAYHACK for the invitations to see KITTY COEN in performance June 16, 2024 at The Basement and to join XANA as she performs selections from The Sex Was Good Until It Wasn't, June 18, 2024 at the Exit/In.


HANK SNOW fans will want to know that CAL and SANDY BLAKNEY, current owners of  Hank's Rainbow Ranch (Cal is The Singing Ranger's great-nephew) have made Snow's Madison, Tennessee home available to guests as a vacation rental.  (Presumably this is acceptable to JIMMIE RODGERS SNOW who presumably has not had to deal with confusion about his late father's abode and the Groesback, Texas rental of the same name; the latter, in fact, the Lone Star state's largest LGBTQ+ campground.)

I'm told Swifties are continuing to celebrate the release of The Tortured Poets Department by cornering the market on centuries' old French notarized documents to use in scrapbooks, memory boards et al.

Meanwhile, Arrington, Tennessee's Castle Gwynn, featured in TAYLOR SWIFT's "Fearless" music video, will soon become a destination for weddings with the further expansion of a newlywed suite.

Castle owner/studio photographer MIKE FREEMAN, who once sold a linen fold design antique (1475) chest some five centuries later to DIXIE HALL for $3,000 has been trying to track down the chest in the wake of Dixie's widower Tom's passing.

Though I was present at the October 22, 2016 Northgate Gallery "living" estate sale for the Halls' collected property, eight years later I don't remember if that particular piece of furniture was up for bid.  I've referred Mike to Northgate and also to Report reader DEAN HALL.

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