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Stacy's Music Row Report is Nashville's only independent source of country-music news, reviews and informed opinion.

It evolved out of partnership ventures where I was not the dominant partner so did not have the freedom to institute the necessary reforms to earn the above distinction AND to make such a daring move profitable by using a "free" (sans for Amazon commissions) Web site as a loss leader to entice a paid subscription base that provides subscribers with enhanced and additional benefits.

For a limited time new subscribers can protect themselves from a price increase by locking in the current annual fee of $552.  While that might seem a little pricey, it is necessary to charge that amount in order to protect my intellectual property (copyright) as well as to properly compensate me for my time.   It is also in line with Hollywood news services such as Puck that serve a different area of interest but are also able to command the going rate for specialized areas of interest, albeit a less extensive outreach to subscribers than the value received by Stacy's Music Row Report's fully-invested paid subscribers.

Memberships- including content being delivered by fax or email, as a subscriber- begin with the receipt of payment. I'm happy to snail-mail content as well, but haven't been asked to do so.  It would seem to defeat the purpose of immediacy,  I would think!

Anyone who feels the premium membership is not worth the price paid is entitled to a complete refund if it is requested within 15 days of receipt of payment.  This seems to
give the member more than enough time to determine if the payment has been money well-spent and reimbursement goes out the day of the request if the request arrives
before noon and the next day if the request arrives in the afternoon or evening.

Email me for further information.

Warning!: Stacy's Music Row Report is reading most suited to those whose comfort level is not threatened by debunking of the country-music industry mythology permeating Music Row...

De gustibus, non disputandum est!

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